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How to watch a role and receive recommendations
How to watch a role and receive recommendations
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Keeping an eye on potential future roles is crucial for career growth. With just a few clicks, Workleap Skills enables you to follow any role that interests you right from the role page.

Simply click the eye icon in the top right corner of the role card to start following it. To stop following the role, just click the eye icon again.

If you prefer, you can also watch the role by clicking on the role card and selecting the "Watch this role" button at the bottom of the flyout.

To stop watching, click on "Unwatch this role". Once you're following a role, you can quickly access it by visiting the Roles page and clicking on the "Suggested for you" tab.

Here, you'll find all the roles you're following, along with other roles that fit your skillset and progression plan.

It’s that easy! Keep an eye on your dream roles effortlessly with Workleap Skills and take your career to the next level... fast!

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