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Technical requirements
Technical requirements
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Workleap Skills is cloud-based, which means that there are certain minimum requirements for your browsers. There are also some settings you may need to update to make sure that you always receive our emails and notifications without having to dig through your spam box. Follow the simple guidelines in this article to make sure you're ready to use Workleap Skills to its full extent!

Enabling better email delivery for your organization

As Workleap Skills will primarily use email as a method of contact with your employees, you need to ensure that Workleap Skills emails are recognized as secure so as not to be labeled as spam or blocked. The three main steps to ensure you receive Workleap Skills emails are:

  1. Add the following IP to your email provider:

  2. Add the following sender to your email provider whitelist: [email protected]

  3. Using Microsoft Office365 with Safe Links protection? Follow these steps.

Supported browsers & technology

IE10 and older browser versions are not supported as they don't have TLS 1.2 enabled by default.

Note that Workleap Skills uses cookies and they need to be enabled in your internet browser.

These are the browsers we officially support:

  • Microsoft Edge (Latest)

  • Chrome (Latest)

  • Firefox (Latest)

  • Safari (Latest)

Note: Workleap Skills is accessible from any device. You can access the platform via

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