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Managing users
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A user is someone in your organization who has access to Workleap Skills. Administrators can add and manage users in Workleap Skills.

You can do everything you need to add and manage users by clicking Settings in the left menu and selecting User management.

Access levels

Users can have different access levels, meaning that they can do different things in Workleap Skills based on the nature of their work or responsibilities. There are two different access levels:

  • Employee - A user who has access to the directory, his own profile and growth plan.

  • Admin - A user who can manage all the organization, and its settings.

In addition to user access levels, users can be granted additional permissions based on their position within the organization.

  • Manager - A user who has access to edit and manage employees directly reporting to the user. Manager can update the skills, create and update growth plans and consult reports for people reporting to them.

  • Collaborator - A user who has access to edit and manage roles and growth plans they were explicitly invited to collaborate on.

  • Mentor - A user who has access to edit and manage the growth plans they were explicitly invited to work on.

Invite a new user

In the top right of the User management page, click on Invite User button. A modal will open and let you fill in the information needed to invite a new user! You’ll need to give us some information to get started:

  • Full name - The user's first and last name.

  • Email address - The user’s email address. This email will be used to login and communicate with the user through email notifications.

  • Role name - The user's role within the organization. The role must have been created prior to inviting the user.

When you’ve finished, click the Send Invite button.

After the invitation process is completed, the employee will receive an email prompting them to confirm their details and take the skill assessment. Once completed, they will have full access to the platform and can begin leveraging Workleap Skills's powerful features to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Note: You can tell when a new user has set up their account when their Status changes from “Invited” to “Active”.

Update user information

When you need to update a user name, role, or access level, first locate the user on the User management page. If you have a lot of users, you can find the one you need by using filters.

To update a user information, click the three dots "..." at the end of the row and select Edit.

For example, to update a user's access level, click their current access level and then select the new one from the dropdown. Simple as that! Note that you can't change your own access level.

Make sure you click the "Save Changes" button when you're done!

Deactivate a user

If a user no longer needs access to Workleap Skills, you can deactivate them from the User management page. If you need to deactivate a user, click the three dots "..." at the end of the row and select Deactivate.

Deactivated users will not be able to log in to Workleap Skills and will appear to others as deactivated. Note that you can't deactivate yourself.

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