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How to configure trainings

How to configure training in Workleap Skills

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Add a training

  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the 'Settings' and select the 'Training' section.

  2. Add Trainings: You can add a link to any web assets like Youtube videos, an intranet web page, a Powerpoint presentation or any content platform (Viva/LinkedIn Learnings, Plurasight, Workleap LMS).

Configure a training

  1. Set a Name: Assign a name to your training for easy identification.

  2. Link the training: Provide a direct link to the training material. For instance, if you're linking to an LMS, ensure the URL directs to the specific training content.

  3. Assign skills: Specify which skills the training aims to develop. This feature allows you to tailor training to improve specific competencies at various levels, such as beginner or intermediate skills.

Automating growth plans

  1. Plan creation: When adding a skill to a growth plan for an employee or when creating a growth plan from a skills gap, you have the option to automatically include the relevant training by selecting a checkbox.

  2. Automation: This automation facilitates scaling by ensuring employees' growth plans are aligned with the right trainings without manual errors, promoting effective skill development and optimal use of existing resources.

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